Sell Motor sweeper 5051TSL

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Performance and Character

Products of China-Germany Coperation can ensure you its quality.
Full hydraulic transmission, hydraulic parts adopt world famous products.

ISUZU 4JB 1 Diesel engine can reach Eruo II exhaust standard, quality is of top-class and can offer sufficient power for working request.

Full hydraulic direction turning, steepless speed control makes operation very easy.

Cleaning system adopt unique design which has the character of barrier automatic avoid function, the ratation speed of cleaning and the grounding pressure, opening conditions all can be adjusted.

Drvers cab is spacious and eyesight is wide, Air conditioning is matched inside the cab.

Initial design in China with recycing water to suppress dust.

All operations are finished by hydraulic system and all operations can be controlled in the cab. Main maintenance parts has Alarming system which can caution the operator to maintain these parts.

The overall design is smart and agile, cleaning system is unique and high-efficiency also with long life-span. Price of our sweeper car is much cheaper than Europen products while the quality is as good as Europen ones.

 Technical parameters:
Dimentions: (LxWxH) (mm) : 4665x1670x2250

Max. Cleaning width: (mm) : 2500

Car weight: (kg) : 2900

Rated speed: (km/h) : 30

Loading weight: (kg) : 1500

Max cleaning capacity: (m2. h) : 37500

Volumn of rubbish: (m3) : 2

Volumn of water loading: (L) :1000

Cleaning speed (mm) : 1-15

Max. Dumping angle (0) : 65

Average working oil consumption: (L/h) : 5

Engine rate power: (kw/rpm) : 57/3600

Apply area:
Our sweeper car is on behalf of Chinese top-class quality and can be widely used in the area of streets, squares, air port, express way and high way etc places.

The cleaning width, grounding pressure etc all can be adjusted by the operator, cleaning width can reach 2500mm. The size of this car is smart and can run freely on the road wider than 1800mm.

Full hydraulic transmission design, compact chassis, reasonable distribution of hydraulic parts bring great convinience for maintainance and repairations.

Drivers cab is spacious, three sides window design can make the operater has good eyesight, hydraulic direction turning makes operation very easy, the seat is made according to human engineering theory can make operator feel comfortable, windtight design with air conditioning can keep the temperature inside the cab suitable for working.

Stainless steel Dustbin has the character of long life span, the door of the dustbin is in the rear and operator can control it inside the cab, unique sealing technique can settle the problem of leakage very well, the max. Dumping angle can reach 650 can ensure the rubbish be dumped completely and smoothly.
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