Sell Motorcycle Aluminum Wheel Rims

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Offering aluminum motorcycle wheel rims covered all the sizes popular in the world for motorcycle, and have 4 style of section: WM, MT, H, U. 3 type of it are our patent design which have much more higher stiffness than normal rims. Details as follow:
1) Material:6063, 7116, 7075 aluminum alloy
2) Hardness:90-100, 110-120, 145-150
3) Good stiffness and excellent elasticity.
4) Light weight
5) Various surface treatment: Anodizing, grit or shot blasting, and spraying.
6) Different color according to your requirement.
7) Section bar adopts flash butt welding without any medium.
8) No mark of welding seam
9) Excellent performance for off-road vehicle and prince motorcycles
10) Applicable to top-grade deluxe motorcycles in different models.
11) Dimensions: Wide from 1.20 to 3.50
Diameter from 10 to 21
12) Section style: WN, MT, H, U, SI (3 of it is our factorys patent)