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1. Instant starting without any initially charging by unique drying and vacuum sealing plate methods.
2. More than 12 months storage. Capacity retention is super because of perfect dry charge characteristics.
3. Eximious High-Rate Discharge Performance: Being propitious to start with high current.
4. Recharging: when open circuit voltage is lower than 12.6V (12V series) or 6.3V (6V series) before using.
5. Charging Voltage (when normal using) : 13.8V-14.5V (12V series) or 6.9V-7.2V with Max Charging Current 0.4-0.5C10 (A) .
6. Application Temperature: -200-600.
7. Not upside down when transporting, storing and using.
8. Recharging: Offloading the battery to recharge when Motorcycle could not start well, poor lamp light and weak taratantara.
9. Timely Recharging if long time no use. Normally, its 1-2 months. Storage place should be prevented from humidity, high temperature and avoid to keep in the place of corrosive gas and solvent.