Sell Motorola M3788 GSM phone built to last and very affordable.

Motorola M3788 GSM phone built to last and very affordable. You May Also Be Interested In: battery meter gsm phone motorola gsm motorola gsm phone voice encryption
Incredibly easy to use, comfortable to hold, built to last and very affordable. This stylish, flat phone makes digital mobile technology accessible to almost everyone whether you're new to mobiles or a seasoned veteran.

User Interface:

Display type
- Up to 4 lines of text plus icons
- Graphic display
- User definable wake up text
Display icons
- Signal Strength
- Off-hook
- Roaming
- Home zone**
- Text Message Waiting**
- Voice Message Waiting**
- Ringer Alert On
- Battery Meter
Dedicated Control Buttons
- Quick Access key
- Volume Buttons
- Multiple language selection
- Automatic language selection determined by SIM card
Alert types
- 11 ringer tones
- Visual alert
- Short cut number entry system
- Illuminated
- Selectable tones
Personalised menu list
Telephone Directories:

Phone based directories:
- Last 10 Calls Made
- Last 10 Calls Received / Missed
SIM Card based directories:
- Phone book (up to 255 names & numbers depending on SIM)
- Fixed Dialling List (up to 40 names & numbers)
- Service Dialling List (dependent on service provider) **
Call control:

Call diverting**
Call Barring**
Hold Call**
Call Waiting**
Calling Line Identification (name displayed if in Phone Book)
Missed Call Indicator
International Access Key Sequence
User Call Rejection
Conference Calling**
Call Transfer**
Mute Call
Automatic Redial - on busy
Call Cost Control
- Advice of Charge (Charging and information) **
- Programmable Audible Call Timers
- Display Call Timers or charge meters
Abbreviated Dialling
- Turbo Dial keys
- Speed dialling
Network related:

Dual Band GSM900/1800 operation (automatic band selection)
SIM Application Toolkit Support (Class 2)
Tricoder capable - EFR, HR, FR
Voice encryption with A5/2 Algorithm**
Service Selection
- Manual
- Automatic
- Change Preferred Network List
- Display All Networks
Battery Saving Mode (DTX)
Non-voice features:

Text Messaging**
- Send Short Messages
- Receive Short Messages
- Cell Broadcast
- Delete All Messages
- Short Message Reply
- Phone Book Access
Overflow indication
Security Features:

Phone Lock (Manual/automatic)
SIM Card Lock - SIM PIN and SIM PIN 2
Keypad Lock
Restrict access to SIM Phone Book

Motorola M3788 GSM phone
700 mAh NiMH Battery
Battery Door
Travel Charger with UK and Euro Plug
User Manual
* All talk and standby times are approximate and depend on network configuration, signal strength and features selected. Standby times are quoted as a range from DRX=2 to DRX=9. Talktimes are quoted as a range from DTX off to DTX on.

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