Sell Motorola V80 Unlocked GSM Cell Phone

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Motorola V80 Unlocked GSM Cell Phone
Motorola V80 Unlocked GSM Phone
Widen Your Horizons
See life differently. Turn heads with the revolutionary feature-packed V80; the distinctive rotating display opens automatically with a light touch. Rotate the screen to take high-quality landscape and portrait photos. See and be seen with colorful rhythm lights that flash in response to the beat of the music.
Plus, the Motorola V80 works on these GSM Networks: GSM 900, GSM 1800 and GSM 1900.
Style Revolution - Rotate To Open
180 Degrees
Enjoy a new twist on contemporary mobile phone design; trigger the automatic rotation with a simple touch.
Style Revolution - Rotate To Open
90 Degrees
Attract envious glances with an accompanying sound thats all yours. Flick, then click; take a portrait photo or switch to landscape view in one swift move.
Choose Your View - Capture More
Portrait View
See a new angle - choose your composition. Rotate the display to horizontal for a landscape photo or back to vertical for a classic portrait.
Choose Your View - Capture More
Landscape View
The integrated camera with its effective 4 x digital zoom and quick exposure control delivers great results, even in low light. Put friends in the picture with a stylish multimedia message (MMS) .
Rhythm Lights
Respond to the Beat
Shine with style; your phones rhythm lights flash and flicker in response to the sounds around you. Light up the party with glowing shades of red, violet, green, yellow and aqua dancing around the edge of your phone. Stay the centre of attention  every new beat or sound triggers an impressive lighting display.
Video Chic - Play Back Clips
News Footage
Download the latest MPEG4 video clips then sit back and watch, wherever you are.
Video Chic - Play Back Clips
Sports Highlights
See world events, watch the latest sporting action and enjoy classic comedy moments.
Video Chic - Play Back Clips
Music and Movie Clips
With music clips and the hottest movie trailers, youll always attract a crowd.
Event Lights - Color Your World
VIP Call
Show everyone youre in demand and enjoy a kaleidoscopic light show with every incoming call, text, MMS or voicemail.
Event Lights - Color Your World
Work Call
Make light work of grouping your callers; simply match colour to caller and stay in control.
Event Lights - Color Your World
Incoming Text Message
Assign purple for friends, green for work contacts or red for your text Messages.


Cellular Technology GSM

Band / Mode GSM 900 / GSM 1800 / GSM 1900

Talk Time 220 - 420 min

Internet Browser WAP 2.0 / MIB 2.2

Bluetooth Enabled Yes

Locked No

Style Rotator

Additional Specifications

* Alerts: 23 Polyphonic ringtones, 3 MP3 ringtones* & space for downloads
* Speakers: 22 Khz Polyphonic Speaker, 22 Chord support
* Software: MOTOMIXERTM (Remixable MIDI ringer software)
* Downloadable Themes: animated screensavers, wallpapers and ringtones
* Games (J2ME) : Hungry Fish, Skipping Stones, SlideShow (embedded1) & space for downloads
* Functions: User-customisable Softkey Functions, Main Menu and Shortcuts
* Video: MPEG4 Video ClipPlayback with sound, Video Download
* Integrated Digital VGA Camera: 4 x Digital Zoom
- Image Quality Options: 160 x 120 pixels, 320 x 240 pixels, 640 x 480 pixels
- Image Style Options: Colour, Black & White, Bluish, Antique, Reddish, Greenish
- Light Condition Settings: Auto, Sunny, Cloudy, Indoor, Night
- Auto-timed Option
- Landscape and portrait mode
* Lighting: Situational Exterior lighting, Rhythm Lights
* Caller Group: Profiling (Ringer, Lights & Icon)
* Phonebook: Up to 2000 entries
* Picture Phonebook: yes
* Time and Date Stamp: yes
* In-built Hands-Free Speakerphone: yes
* EMS: 5.0
* Predictive Text: Tap T9 emulation
* Quick Messages: yes
* Group SMS: yes
* Nokia Smart Message Receive: yes
* Instant Messaging Support: (Wireless Village) 1.1 embedded client
* Email: Pop3, SMTP, IMAP4
* Standard Battery: Li-ion 800mAh
* Standby Time: 150-250 hours
* GPRS: 2U4D

What Is GSM?
GSM phones require a small electronic chip, called a SIM card, to be inserted into a slot in the handset. This international SIM card is the "heart" of your phone - it contains your cell phone number, your phone book, and all of your registration information. Most companies with GSM service provide you access to over 320 GSM networks in over 140 countries.

What are Unlocked GSM Phones?
Unlocked GSM phones are either a) phones which are directly from the manufacturer which were never locked, or b) phones from a carrier which have been modified to openly work on any network.

What are the different frequencies of GSM that I need?
Most of the world's GSM networks operate at 900MHz and 1800MHz. However, in order to use the networks in the USA and Canada you will need a handset that is also capable of operating at the 1900MHz frequency. Most phones are now either "dual" "tri" or "quad band" (includes 850MHz) to serve most of the world.

PLEASE NOTE: All of our unlocked GSM phones come from around the globe. As such, features and accessories may vary. Some require US adapters. In some cases, language needs to be reset to English from the default language through manual setting on the phone. Only defective or DOA (Dead on Arrival) product exchanges are permitted on this item. These exchanges must be made within 30 days. No returns are allowed otherwise. There are no exceptions.


* Motorola V80
* User's Manual
* Easy Guide
* Warranty Information
* Power Charger
* Battery

Contents of package may vary from those pictured and stated here, due to changes in manufacturer's specifications or merchandising. Please check the product information carefully, items not included may no longer be required.

Manufactured by: Motorola
Mfg Part No: MOTOROLAV80
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