Sell Mould ( all kinds )

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We have capacity to supply all kinds of High Quality Moulds as follows:( Plastic, Steel, etc )

1. Cold mould steel (01/1.2510, D2/1.2379, D3/1.2080)

2. Hot mould steel (H11/1.2343, H13/1.2344, H21/1.2581)

3. Plastic mould steel (P20/1.2311,718/1.2738, S136/1.4034, NAK80,168 )

4. S 45C , S 50C , S 55C , Q195, Q215, Q235, 45#, 50#
5. All kinds of Plastic, Steel Tools, Plastic Injection moulds, etc, etc, etc

All in above products are in the forms of flat, round bar, block. square and so on.

If interested please inform us your mould specification and quantity, etc to proceed with a competitive price, etc.