Sell Moulded Case Circuit Breaker (MCCB)

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Type: YDM2 series
Rated current: 10A ~~1600A
Rated voltage: 380V~/400V~660V/690V
Rated insulation voltage: 400V (Inm=<160A) ~~690V (Inm>=250A)

The usage of MCCB:
The MCCB is mainly used in distribution network with the alternating current (AC) 50HZ. The rated current is 10A~1600A and the rated operating voltage is 380V~/400V~660V/690V. YDM2 is used for power distribution and the protection of the circuit and power supply equipments over-load, short-current and under tension. In the normal condition, it can also function as the switcher to infrequently change the circuit.

The features of MCCB:
1. The YDM2 series MCCB can be equipped with under-voltage release, shunt release, auxiliary contact, alarm contact, operating device of motor, operating device of rotary handle, and other electrical and mechanical accessories.
2. YDM2 series remaining current protect circuit breaker (also known as leakage protect circuit breaker) has the functions of protecting person and equipment away from the electric shock. It can also prevent the risk of fire originated by insulation failure of equipments.
3. Complete range of rated current which enables users to solve all protection requirement of circuit capacity.
4. High short-circuit breaking capacity
5. Meet the requirements of international and national standards.

6. YDM2 series MCCB (Inm>250A) are equipped with solid-state releases with advanced PC technology, intelligent protective functions, and communication interface.

7. Convenient installation: YDM2 series circuit breaker is available for various installation methods
----Fixed version
----Plug-in version
----Draw-out version