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MCCB, applied in the circuit of AC50Hz (or 60Hz) , the rated isolating voltage is 800V and the rated voltage is below 690V, the rated current is between 16A and 800A. It is used for the infrequently switching and starting the electromotor (RGM2-800 have no electromotioned protection type) . The MCCB protects the overloading circuit, the short circuit, to prevent the circuit and the power equipment from damage.
The MCCB can be installed in vertical or horizontal.
The MCCB complies with the standard of GB 14048.2 idt IEC 60947-2.
The upper limit of ambient temperature can not exceed 400C, and the lower limit is higher than -50C. The average temperature can not exceed +350C during 24 hours.
The altitude where the MCCB installed can not exceed 2000m. The relative humidity when thetemperature of MCCB installed is +400C can not exceed 50%, The higher relative humidity is allowedunder lower temperature. But special treatments should be taken when the coagulate dew appears on the face of the products which is caused by temperature change.
The pollution degree:3
The installation category of main circuit: III, the installation category of other auxiliary circuit and control circuit are: 2
The MCCB should be installed in the place where there is no explode danger, no conductive dirt, the mental can not be eroded and the isolators can not be destroyed, and no rain or snow can affect.
pole number:2 pole,3 pole and 4 pole.
rated frame graded current: 100A, 225A, 400A, 630A, 800A
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