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Special Design based upon Ergonomics
FlexArm Dr. is specially designed to enhance the flexibility to adjust the high and the low of wrist as well as those of desk and monitor and the movement of keyboard and mouse, respectively. FlexArm Dr. is based upon special ergonomic design that can protect, correct and support muscles and joint leading to neck as well as arm and shoulder.

Real-time Prevention of Computer Syndromes
FlexArm Dr. allows wrist, arm and shoulder to comfortably be relaxed and then finally everybody can be prevented from any medical barrier syndromes which lead to all the pains from repetitive tension, neck-ache, shoulder crick, and carpal tunnel syndrome, muscle tension and nerve paralysis, respectively.

Posture Correction
FlexArm Dr. is very effective in preventing and correcting the severe physical postures, mainly stemming from inappropriate habits of using computer for both children and adults.

Easiness to Attach and Detach
FlexArm Dr. is a mount-typed product that can easily be installed with simple operations, only requiring two or three steps to complete them. In particular, FlexArm Dr. is very useful for both right-handed and left-handed in using it.

Effective Space Utilization
The emphasizing feature of FlexArm Dr. allows users to take the best advantage of it even in a narrow workplace with a small desk.

Double Efficiency of Your Work
FlexArm Dr. focuses upon effective reduction and elimination of fatigue and stresses from people who are much exposed to repetitive computer working environments daily, by conveniently and comfortably using it.
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