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Mouse Pad Mat is one of the most excellent Mouse pads all over the world, which provides large surface with a unique look. It is made up of one cool hard and super thin ABS Base, one unique-looking high quality multi wall surface and one Easy In-Out cord clip, which brings a totally new aesthetics design to your eyes.

Silicone Rubber Feet
*Made from high quality silicone rubber and with good stickiness to your table .
*With good Chemical Resistance , good temperature resistance , fadeproof, washable and durable.

Enhanced Cord Clip
*Unique Easy In-Out groove.
*It's made of high quality and strong steel with durable .
*Flexibility steel can hold the mouse cable firmly.
*Mouse Pad Cord Clip is small, but it's very useful to control the mouse cable . The enhanced cord clip offers Easy In-Out design , so you can pull in or push out the cable very easily . The unique turnup cord clip , which supports your mouse cable are streamline and more flexible when you are in the game .

Tin Package
*Mouse pad is packed by one deluxe champers tin box with embossment texture .
*Super slim package is easy to carry and protect your mat .

ABS Base
*Which is super thin and cool hard ABS Base.
*Top surface has a polished texture , which offers mar resistance and low gloss levels can reduce glare with pollution .
*Bottom side is a matte Texture and the excellent design offers mar resistance
*Provides four grooves on the base for placement the cord clip , which is optional to you to choose the preferable location for your left or right hand , even for mouse pad vertical or horizontal placement if you like .
*The super thin and cool hard design to let you be more comfortable when using mouse or playing game .
*The moderate rigidity ABS base will not hurt your wrist when you touch it in using. *There will be its advantage rather than glass or steel materials .
*With Excellent Chemical Resistance , Excellent Temperature Resistance , fadeproof ,washable and durable.

*Which is made from special hi-tech material, suitable for all kinds of optical mouse and ball mouse on the market. The unique texture and low gloss levels surface is especially for optical mouse .
*Please don't forget Thunder8 surface offers two unique surface : one has velvet texture, other side is suede texture . There will be a good option to you to choose your preferable side when handling a different mouse or game program .
*Super wide surface will provide you more advantage in the game or application
*Washable surface for cleaning at your disposal

Easy lift Corner
*The cool hard base offers an exclusive lift corner . You can lift the surface easily through the corner when you want to use other surface or clean the surface

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