Sell Mp3 Pen drive(Mp3+USB)

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Mp3 Pen Drive

1. Pen and U dish of perfect combine, the external appearance is flowing freely, the structure is novel, out of the ordinary.

2. The whole metals( copper) outer shell, the surface can electroplate or roast the paint processing, the color eligibility, a body can the silk print or the laser carve the business enterprise LOGO.

3. Have the auto broadcasts the function, can flick the company web page open, or advertise the animation, is the head of the business enterprise business gift choose.

4. Adopt the A class Flash chip, support the BIOS HDD/ ZIP start mode, have the function of encrypt, the high speed read and write, having to write to protect the function, re-usable wipe to write 1,000,000 times above, the data can keep over a long period of time.

5. The USB1.1 or standard of USB2.0s connect, reading and write the speed quick:USB:1.1 write in the speed:The 860 KBs/ s read speed:960 KBs/ s;2.0 write in the speed:The 11 MBs/ s read speed:12 MBs/ s.

6. Suit to take to have the USB to connect the oscular IBM or and permit the PC, Mac, Notebook.

7. Support the heat puts to pull out, plug-and-play, did not need to circumscribe the power supply.

8. Support the WINDOWS98/98 SEs/ ME/2000/ XP/ MAS OS/ LINUX combines the au to identify the operate system and install to correspond of drive the procedure, did not need to move the gearing. ( WINDOWS98 excepted)

9. Capacity eligibility:64 Ms,128 Ms,256 Ms,512 Ms,1 G,2 Gs,4 Gs,8 G etc. .
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