Sell Mp3 player (UG-2046)

Mp3 player (UG-2046) You May Also Be Interested In: magic power
--Charming magic power, delicate design, one-three size of a name card
--Double-color OLED, kinds of protecting pictures
--Super-big LCD ( 128 W 64 ) , crystallized Nanometer glass mirror surface
can bear to whet
--Support Simplified Chinese, English and traditional Chinese
--Support kinds of audio format: MP1, MP2, MP3, WMA, ASF. . . etc.
--Really super-clear FM radio receiving, wave zone is from 76 MHZ
to 108 MHZ, easy to receive any kind of campus channel
-- Strong function of recording, re-read, following reading and result contrast
--7 kinds of sound effect mode : ( nature, rock and roll, jazz, classic, fad, soft,
Heavy bass )
--7 kinds of broadcast mode: Normal, single replay, all replay, play or replay
according to the machine, Play to the order or the view list;
--Function of diskette management can divide and lock the diskette
--Voice-control recording and synchronous show of lyrics and song
--Power Design: USB and charger together provide power
--The hardware promoting function
--USB2.0 high-speed transfer interface
--Place-in refreshed lithium battery can support play for 8 hours in consecution
--Color :Rouge red , sky blue , champagne gold , rose purple