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Mp4 Player

Model No.

Brand Name
Infinity/ OEM

Country of Origin

Product Description
(1)1.1"65k fashionable real color screen, shape design with full metal
(2) Support MP3, MPEG I/II Layer 2/3 Windows Media Audio (WMA) , WAV, ASF formats
(3) The DMV film shows the function, appreciates film , MTV and video English whenever and wherever possible
(4) The function of the English-Chinese dictionary, the word true man sounds, support five grades to change speed and sound, the dictionary can be upgraded, and the compatible large capacity magnanimity dictionary
(6) TXT text reads (E _ Book function)
(7) Electronic album function, can download and have a look around from the photo
(8) The screen protection function of the picture, can circulate and show from the picture that has already liked while awaiting the opportune moment and broadcasting, and support and show the order self-definingly
(9) Developmental game, arrange the figure and jigsaw, the old and the young are all friendship
(10) Characters and background color set up function by oneself, lyrics content can set as seven color show and have seven color characters not to show the function at random
(11) Simple apt to use figure cartoon navigate interface
(12) Strong " changing speed and broadcasting " function, five grades change speed , change speed and does not modify tone , broadcast MP3/WAV/DMV , etc. variably rapidly
(13) Digital recording function (about 8 hours of 128M:SP recording, about 40 hours of LP recording)
(14) Standard U-DISK function, USB Mass Storage is supported, above WIN98 does not need to drive
(15)3 synchronous lyrics and teaching material sound show gently in step
(16) Support the simplified Chinese character / Chinese-traditional / English three languages
(17) Offer the categorised word to study the function: Study of words of 11 grades , such as junior middle school , university , graduate student , MBA , TOFEL , etc
(18) Inside FM radio that can save 30 prefabricated channel
(19) Users design and make and draw (picture ) the function flexibly by oneself
(20) ISP (firmware upgrades the function) (available)
(21) Six kinds of built-in sound results are set up , 65,000 colors really applause on the display screen
(22) Opion color: red, purple, blue, black, silver