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Mp4 player
Mp4 player

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Infinity/ OEM

Country of Origin

Product Description
(1) Movie broadcast function: used in broadcasting the network movie,
(2) support ASF form MEPG-4, or through transforms the software to change into ASF form
(3) Broadcast . Broadcast effect 320x 240, 30f\s"
(4) Audio frequency broadcast function Uses in broadcasting each kind of audio
requency form, including MP3/WMAAs well as WAV
(5) Photo browsing function uses in glancing over each kind of digital camera the piture, support EXIF2.1"
(5+) In sets at the microphone sound recording, supports LINE-IN to record
(6) Support video frequency transcribing, AV in
(7) Video output, AV OUT (NTSC\PAL)
(8) Game, ten thousand years calendar, time demonstration
(9) Multi- languages (Center/England) establishes
(10) Extrapolates SD/MMC Card Biggest support 1GB outside sets SD Card or MMC Card, expansion storage space
(11) Insets 2200m Ah Lithium battery
(12)2.5 Inch 26 Wan Se 1, 600 Ten thousand picture elements real colors TFT screen
(13) L*W*H:90mm*58mm*18mm