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1. F-1300 and F-1600 mud pumps feature advanced structural design, reliable use, easy maintenance and compact occupied area. To reduce drilling workers, labor intensity and to make the operation easy on site, liner is designed to be fitted into the frame from the frame top. A mini hoist with 500Kg lifting capacity is mounted on the frame for disassembling and changing liners.

2. Suction inlets of F-1300 and F-1600 mud pumps are fitted with 12"flanges.

3. F-1300 and F-1600 mud pumps are fitted with API#7 valve pots. The suction valve and the discharge valve are interchangeable. Cylinders are made of forged alloy steel and are nickel plated to improve their corrosion resistance.

4. Three cylinders of each pump are interchangeable. Valve-over-valve (through type cylinder) design reduces the cylinder volume and promotes the volumetric efficiency. Cylinders, liners, pistons, valve and seats, valve springs, seal rings, valve covers and cylinder covers at the fluid end of F-1300 and F-1600 mud pumps are all interchangeable.

F-1600 mud pump is horizontal triplex single acting piston pump. Rated power: 1192kw (1600hp)

1. Rated stroke speed: 120r/min
2. Type gear: Herring bone gear
3. Gear ratio: 4.205: 1
4. Rated rotating speed: 438 r/min
5. Diameter of suction inlet: 305mm
6. Diameter of discharge outlet: 126.5mm
7. Weight: 24780kg
8. Lubrication: Pressure & splash
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