Sell Multi-Coin Coin Selectors EU2

Multi-Coin Coin Selectors EU2 You May Also Be Interested In: 1 euro 10 cent dip switch

1. EU2 can accept up to 6 different coins at the same time.
2. With an 8 bit DIP Switch, can change the pulse on site.
3. The learning mode allows you to teach coins on site.
4. Output modes:
------A. Pulse/Totalizer output:
------B. Output as a timer:
------C. Parallel output:
------D. RS232 protocol output mode.

5. There is an inhibit line for the host machine.
6. For Euros, 100% accept coins: 5-cent, 10-cent, 20-cent, 50-cent, 1-Euro and 2-Euro.
7. Specification :
-----1) Applied voltage: DC +12V .
-----2) Working temperature: -50 ~ +500
-----3) Coin diameter: 17mm~31mm.
-----4) Coin thickness: 1.0mm~3.0mm.