Sell Multi-Currency Counterfeit Detector

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D-106 Multi-Currency Bill Verifier is a brand new launched bill detecting and verifying device. This device adopts synthetically several advanced technologies of counterfeit detection and denomination recognition, with not only a very high accuracy, but also the compatibility to different denominations, fitness, and printing versions of different currency banknotes. This device can verify the different denominations of different currencies pre-adopted. When a new version of banknote is launched, D-106 can be upgraded via the connection to a PC with an upgrade file pack. D-106 is suitable to foreign banks, restaurants, hotels, retail market and money exchange shops.

1) Applicable to: USD, EUR, and one or two of JPY, HKD, CAD, GBP. Other local currencies also could be programmed accordingly.

2) Brand new advanced multi-detection technolgoy integrated. Accuracy: >99.99%, Limited single direction insert;

3) Easy upgrade via upgrade pack files.

4) Cool big LCD display, easy to operate

5) Power Input: 110-240VAC; Power consumption: 10Watts; Dimension: 138*128*72MM;
Weight: 0.46KG