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FWS25-3 of Manual control valve is mainly used to control the works of water filter system, Such as prefilter of RO system , household centre water purifier and boiler softener . It could filter, backwash, and rinse . The material of the body is high quality engineering plastic(to strengthen ABS) , high precision ceramics as seal, The advantage is that reliable sealing, large flow, light operation, good corrosion-resistant and long performance life etc.
1. Parameter
Hydrostatic test pressure 1.2 Mpa
Working pressure 0.65 Mpa
temperature 0-80c
medium water. salt solution. sewage
Max. flow 5.0 m3/h
Inlet . Outlet Pipe G1''(1.0 NPT)
Drain Pipe G3/4''( 3/4 NPT)
Tank adapter 72-8 UN-2A (2.5'' -8 UN-2A)
Riser Pipe(center tube) 3/4''(27.6mm O. D. *2.5mm Wall)
2. Installation (Figure 1 )
Set up the diffuser First , Then screw tight the valve on the tank . Then you can connect the pipes .
3. Operation
a. Filter :When the systerm is in normal operation (filter) , The handle is in the position of Filter , ( the arrowhead point to the word of 'FILTER') , In this time , Original water pass the valve from inlet , into the tank , then pass through the filer bed and through riser pipe to rise to the valve , Then out off from outlet . (figure 2)
b. Backwash : When the system need to backwash , Turn the handle to the position of Backwash , In this time , The water pass the valve into central hole , through the riser pipe into bottom of tank , Then pass through the filer bed contrary, up to the valve , out off from drain . (figure 3 )
c. Rinse : Finish the backwash , The system need to rinse , Turn the handle to the position of Riser, In this time , The water pass the valve into tank , pass through the filter bed , pass the riser pipe , up to the valve , then out off from drain. (figure 4 )
d. Replace : Finish the rinse , Turn the handle back to the position of Filter , The systerm will be in normal operation (filter ) again .
4. Note:
When you install and operate the products. Do not overexert or turn the handle opposite, avoid to destroy unusually.