Sell Multi Purpose Cosmetic IPL and YAG Machine

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Multi Purpose Cosmetic IPL and YAG Machine


This model is used as a multi-functional cosmetic machine. It combines laser tattoo removal, IPL and breast beautifying in one.

We supply Jetpeel skin rejuvenation machine (water-oxygen machine) , Laser breast enhancer, Intense Pulse Laser skin rejuvenation, Hair removal, Laser Tattoo Removal, RF skin rejuvenation and tightening Equipment, Wood lamp, LED Skin Rejuvenation and Therapy Equipment, Body Slimming System, etc.

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Treatment Range:

The laser can remove dispel the birthmark, the otas nevus, pigment aggradations, the flecks, sun spots, age spots and can get rid of red, brown, black and other tattoos.

The IPL can eliminate freckles, age spots and acnes, minimize fine wrinkles, tighten skin, blockage superficial telangiectasia and restrain hair growth for a long term.

It can beautify breasts that are unsymmetrical, small in size, sag or shrink after lactation