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Seaweed has many advantages as a soil nutrient. It contains Alginic acid, a flexible, jelly like substance that has hydrophilic (water absorbing) properties. This allows the seaweed to improve soil and slow-release nutrients at the same time. Its natural plant growth hormones (Cytokinins) promote root growth and development and the natural biological material acts to reduce soil compaction, increase aeration and add to nutritional content.

ShoreGrow Soil Conditioner RSC-1

A carefully balanced mixture of calcified seaweed and kelp granules, a combination to bind, and breakdown and improve many different soil types.

Do not use this product on ericaceous plants such as rhododendrons, azaleas, heathers etc.

Contains: N 0.26%, P 0.48%, K 1.23%, Ca 33.6%, Mg 3.36%.
Trace Elements: Fe, Mn, Cu, Co, B, and S.
Application rates: 25g per sq m. 1kg covers 40 sq m
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RSC - 1
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