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Multi-Vitamin Softgel: Vitamin is an indispensable nutriment to maintain the metabolize of human enginery and help the absorption of other nutriments (protein, carbohydrate, mineral) , aid the formation of blood, hormone, germ plasm and the chemical substance of neural systerm. This Multi-vitamin richly contains vitaminB1, vitaminB2, vitaminC, etc. Which are indispensable for human body. And it has a comprehensive nutritional supplementary function to these who lack of vitamin, which is caused by unreasonable diet structure, work press, environmental pollution or side effect of remedy. Each capsule contains Multi-vitamin powder 100mg Take 1 sofegel for one or two times daily. Our product series include heath food, nutritional food, dietary supplement, softgel, tablet and capsule. If you need Multi-Vitamin Softgel, please feel free to contact me! Thanks!