Sell Multi-function Massage Stick

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Function introduces:
Multi-function massage stick is a new product, it syncretises China tradition massage skill, infra-red health care and modern electron technology. By massaging body meridian, it bring stimulate reflex action to each organ of human body, dredging the body meridian, ameliorating consistence of hemal, so as to reach to the aim of health care. Many massage heads makes curative effect more conspicuous.

Scope of application:
Product can be used for suffering from rheumatism muscle scorching, fit heterosexual arthritis, arthritis, arthralgia, waist muscle strain, body tiredness, frostbite, frozen-shoulder, cervical vertebra illness, sciatica. And so on.

Efficacy feature:
Streamline designer
Massaging acupuncture point, relax stiff muscle, lysis ache
Round centrum massage head are very comfortable, while massaging.
Ameliorate hemal cycle, promote metabolic
Adjusting strong or weak, speed, fit for different constitution's requirement
Glide button, use convenience
Can ease obviate fat
Carved lines handle, increase safe when using
Used for neck, shoulder, on backside, under backside, thigh, calf and sole and whole body each part