Sell Multi-function Small Hydraulic Excavator

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HONGDA series of multi-function small hydraulic excavator widely apply to such all kinds of construction sites as road, municipal works, pipeline nets, landscape works, water conservancy, etc. and are equipped with multiple working devices like breakers, etc. They can match with your various needs in special working situations and construction environments and ease all your worries by their excellent properties.
power properties:

HONGDA series of small hydraulic excavator adopt engineering diesel engine tailor-made for excavator with a steady performance, strong power, and classic arrangement. They can be equipped with CHINAs home-made brand products in diesel engines of the same kind and can also be equipped with imported original diesel engines of world top brands.

hydraulic system:

Hydraulic pump, main valve, walking motor and slewing motor all adopt world top products with good quality and steady working to ensure the whole system to run smoothly. Hydraulic system adopts three-pump three-loop system, constant power variable control, and flow limiter with the third pump(spurgear pump) control to fully harness the engine power to work. Outside swing arm valve two pumps confluent at big chamber and inside bucket pole valve two pumps confluent in double direction quicken working speed and improve working efficiency. Optimized design can ensure the effectiveness of independent and combined movements. Control parts are perfectly matched to ensure the whole machines adequate handleability. Its also among the first to adopt hydraulic breaker operating mode with manual electromagnetic control.

Driver cab:

total-closed and low-noise cab is pleasing and elegant with roominess and brightness. The front top window can be opened for improving vision and air conditions. Adjustable chair suits various using demands. The cab is inside equipped with air-conditioner which greatly improves operating environment, lessens the drivers tiredness and heightens working efficiency.

HONGDAs home-made parts:

The machines overall structure is compact and is easy to change places with a small volume. It can select and match deflecting device to facilitate working in narrow places and it can also select multiple auxiliary devices to meet various needs of such working purposes as digging, smashing, cleaning, soil grabbing and pushing.
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