Sell Multi-function Walking Stick

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Function :
Tumbles buzzing alarm: when the files dial to L files, when the user tumbled because of outside case walking stick will along with it unbalanced automatically send out hellping alarm within 5 seconds which has a long distance of 50 meters, helping the user calls for help.
Forces buzzing alarm: when emergency case occur , the use has clear reason but diffculty in calling for help. Dials the files to A files, walking stick will immediately send out helping alarm which has a long distance of 50 meters.

Illumination alarm: in front of the electronic walking stick the section has installed the high luminance LCD lamp. It does not only has the function of luminance but also give an alarm to the front pedestrian and the vehicles, safeguard the use's security.

Taking three-fold structure: conveniently in disassembling and assembling, the user can adjustment the height according to the actural situation.
1. LED light
Help you walking in the dark
2. Buzzer
Search help when stick-holder is falling
3. Assembly stick
Be able to dismantle the stick into andctions, easily to put into bag

Length: 91cm
Weight: kg
Output illuminant:210LUX+/-20%
Output volume: 100db+/-20%
Material :Aluminum Alloy
Battery: 2 W AAA 1.5V batteries , DC 3V
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