Sell Multi-functional Cartoning Machine HD180

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1. Brief Introduction
The multi-functional cartoning machine HD180 is newly developed equipment by our company, taking experiences from HD80 and HD120. Compared with the traditional cartoning machines, it excels in high speed and good packing quality.
The machine is suitable for blister, small bottles and soft tube packing. The machine can finish leaflet folding, carton opening, product filling, batch number printing, carton sealing automatically. The continuous carton transferring method greatly improves the packing speed. Meanwhile, we have designed U type connector to make the cartoning machine connect with blister packing machine DPH200, which enable the machines function become more practical, reliable and stable.

2. Advantages
* The machine employs the following interlock functions:
The leaflet cannot be sucked when there is no blister.
The carton cannot be sucked when there is no leaflet.
The blister cannot be pushed when there is no carton.
If there is no carton and leaflet continuously, the machine stops automatically.
When there is any blockage at any sections, the machine stops as well.
*The faulty cartons will be ejected by the medicine absent detecting system on the blister packing machine DPH200.
*The cartoning machine HD80A can pack various kinds of small bottles in certain scope. It also can finish leaflet folding, carton opening, product filling, batch number printing and carton sealing ect.
*The machine meets GMP standards.

3. Main Technical Parameter
(1) . Speed of Main Body: Max 180 cartons/min
(2) . Speed of Folding Machine: 180 pieces/min
(3) . Air Consumption: 5m3/h (pressure 0.6-0.9 Mpa)
(4) . Dimension (includes connector) (LWWWH) : 4300mmW1600mmW1620mm
(5) . Power: 380V, 3-phase, 50Hz
(6) . Weight: approx 2W103kg
(7) . Noise: <85dB

4. Packing Material Requirement
for carton
Paper quality: 300-350g/m2
Min size (LWWWH) : 78mmW33mmW15mm
Max size (LWWWH) : 114mmW70mmW60mm
for leaflet
Paper quality: 55-65g/m2
Min size (LWW) : 130mmW130mm
Max size (LWW) : 180mmW260mm

Brand Name
Available Colors
Condition of Goods
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
Model Number
Power Requirements
380V, 50Hz
Terms of Payment
Warranty Coverage
one year