Sell Multi-functional Cartoning Machine HD80

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1. Brief Introduction
Multi-functional cartoning machine HD80 is a high-tech product developed by our company based on rich experiences in the packing field. The machine can realize complicated actions through photoelectric controlling system and mechanism principles.
It is mainly made up of paper folding section, cartoning section (includes carton opening, blister and leaflet pushing, batch number printing and carton sealing ect. ) . The machine suits for packing various blisters and small size articles.

2. Advantages
*The machine employs the following interlock functions:
The leaflet cannot be sucked when there is no blister.
The carton cannot be sucked when there is no leaflet.
When there is no blister on the transferring belt, the machine does not push the blister.
If there is no carton and leaflet continuously, the machine stops automatically.
*The cartoning machine HD80A can pack various kinds of small bottles in certain scope. It also can finish leaflet folding, carton opening, product filling, batch number printing and carton sealing ect.
*The machine meets GMP standards.

3. Main Technical Parameter
(1) . Speed of Main Body: 30-60 cartons/min
(2) . Speed of Folding Machine: 30-60 pieces/min
(3) . Air Consumption: 5m3/h (0.5-0.8 Mpa)
(4) . Dimension (LWWWH) : 2800mmW1350mmW2100mm
(5) . Power: 380V, 3-phase, 50Hz
(6) . Weight: approx 1400kg
(7) . Noise: ﹤85dB

4. Packing Material Requirement
for carton
Paper quality: 250-300g/m2
Min size (LWWWH) : 85mmW30mmW15mm
Max size (LWWWH) : 145mmW72mmW60mm

for leaflet
Paper quality: 55-65g/m2
Min size (LWW) : 110mmW130mm
Max size (LWW) : 180mmW260mm