Sell Multi-functional Magnetic Health Care Pillow

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We have various Functional & Healthy pillows to introduce you.

(1) . Magnetic & Far Infra-red Health Pillow

Anti-bacteria Cotton surface,
Far Infra-red layer,
Massage Layer,
Bio-magnetic pieces (90 PCS) ,
ION foam layer;

Body mechanics theory, Highly magnetic lines to body by 90 of Bio-magnetic pieces, ION substances, Multi-function of Far Infra-red, Massage function.

Cervical vertebra, periarthritis of shoulder, neurasthenia, insomnia, sense of fatigue, high blood pressure, short of blood supply to head.

"B" shape of Pillows based on body mechanics, best compatible to cervical vertebra, Specific Instructions, Bio-magnetic pieces;

Types: 1. Ordinary; 2. Highly Magnetic Pillow (imitation earth magnetic of 5 billions of years before) ;

Besides, we have other Multi-functional Pillows and Childrend specific Pillow containing herbs, plants, mineral materials.