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Long JG-9-15/JG-9-20 computer embroidery machine: MuLti-head computerized embroidery machine


The aircraft used for the automatic embroidery machine developed microcomputer control system with high reliability. Printed on the operation button has a corresponding function that graphic, and display by the user the option of using English or English to indicate that the effective elimination of the language restrictions, extremely easy to operate.

Synchronized storage capacity

Internal memory can store 99 patterns, the largest number of storage up to 240,000 needle-pin, with enough capacity.

Premium embroidered features:

In embroidery, as a result of disconnection and other reasons, individual leakage embroidered nose will happen, when can leak back embroidered points, back to back fill embroidered points, will fill embroidered nose dial to switch between location bar can fill embroidered , back the needle can be synchronized back to the current starting point.

Synchronized rotation and scaling

Embroidery patterns can rotate the scope to 1-89, but also can choose the direction of eight kinds of coordinates, to the pattern along the horizontal and vertical, respectively, the ratio of zoom in and out (50% -200% range) .

Memory tricks can watch their graphics, the selection of embroidery patterns and synchronized output is extremely convenient
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