Sell Multi-parameter Patient Monitor BD9000

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Brand-new Design:
Delicate and compact, with high-definition and true-color 12.1 TFT super big screen LCD.
Simple Operation:
Flexible knob operation, with Chinese-English display interface.
Advanced Technology:
256h trend review, 7-channel and 12-channel combined, 3 heart rate sources upon choice.
Perfect Clinical Application:
Able to completely monitor adults, children and newborn babies, even monitor fetal.
Professional Clinical Application Design:
Able to apply to multiple clinical cases 12-channel Display of Medicine Density
With such functions as 7-channel and 12-channel the same screen, ST section analysis available, it is more convenient for clinical doctors; three heart rate sources upon choice; waveform filling, 5-minute heart beat replay, able to measure multiple standard parameters and pulse conduction time, cuff blood pressure; complete patient information storage and monitor review functions.

Trend Review
With the link formed by network, bed-side machines and central multi-parameter monitor system, thus form a monitor network is formed, so as to help the clinical staff to have real-time monitor; trend data display and 256-h trend review.

Fetal Monitor
Standard 6-parameter monitor, additional single and double invasive blood pressures; end -expiratory CO2(by-flow) ; fetal monitor function able to precise fetal action and womb constringency.

Medicine Concentrat Analysis
The powerful assistant to clinical staff; able to have medicine analysis; medicine concentrat, transfusion speed, medicine amount etc provided by burette; 10 common medicines provided by the database, and 5 medicines customized.

Super-big Screen
12.1"TFT big-screen, real-color, wide-visual-angle and high-brightness LCD display, with Chinese-English interface.

Removable Rechargeable Battery
Removable battery, free of maintenance, able to work more than 2 hours.

Printing and Interface
Manual printing, alarm trigger printing; real-time printing record and real-time abnormality monitor record; able to use together with high-frequency electrical cutter and defibrillator, high interference resistance.
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