Sell Multifilament Fiber Filter Cloth

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We can supply following Multifilament Fiber Filter Cloth:

1. Polypester Fiber Filter-cloth
The filter cloth of polyester filter cloth in our factory has the feature of resisting acid, resisting wear and tear , has the feature of high efficiency of filtration, fast filtration. There are many kinds of them, and it can be used in the fields of food chemical , deystuff, etc.
2. Polyamide Fiber Filter-cloth
Its mightiness are much stronger than any other fibers, the intensity is 4-5.3 Cndtex, splitting and elongation is 18%-45%. So it is suitable for marufacturing car tyres. Polyemide fiber industry cloth can be divided into 301#, 407#, 663#, 17-2#, 17-7#, all of them are used in the industry of pottery medicine, food, metallurgy, rubber, etc. But 66 of Polyemide fiber filter-cloth can't be suit for the fields of medicine and food, as it is poisonous and it is harmful to people's health.
3. Polyvinyl Alcohol Fiber Filter cloth
The filter cloth of polyester fiber in our factory has the feature of resistiong acid, resisting wear and tear, has the feature of high efficiency of filteration, fast filteration there are many kinds of them, and it can be used in the fields of food, chemical, deystuff, etc.
4. Polypropylene Fiber Filter-cloth
Polypropylene filter can be divided into short polypropylene fiber and long polypropylene filter cloth. The yarns which are made of long polypropylene fiber are very slippery. So the bursting strength and gas permeability of the long polypropylene are much better than that of the short poly-filter cloth. The surface of industry filter-cloth which are made of polypropylene fiber is very smooth. So it is suitable for powder filtering. Moreover, the products which we has just developed, is the best filtration material for the fields of chemical and medicine, but it is not suit for power filtration. The products of 4212 which are made of short polypropylene filter cloth, so it is the filtration material for the dyestuff factory, the effect of acid spotting and gas permeability are as far times as 120-17 of polyester, so it can speed up the velocity of filtration, and also avoid walling up draff.
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