Sell Multifunction Window and Door Taping Machine

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PRODUCT FEATURE AND USAGE1. The machine is an indispensable tool in the construction of the building, which reshapes and makes up the door, window, gable wall, etc. in order to make them attractive and durable.2. The machine is convenient and saves the time in construction and has many functions.3. At present, there are six models of the machines for the use of construction. The dimension of each model of the machine is changeable and adjustable.4. If the construction departments have a special demand for the model of machine, the company can produce the equipment for them only after the construction departments supply the drawing and dimension of the equipment.
MAIN TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION1 , Size: 2600mm W 1200mm W 1200mm2 , total weight: about1500KG3 , controlling system: PLC4 , power: : 1.5KW5 , working speed:18000mm/min