Sell Multifunction power meter -YD2030

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Model No: YD2030
Brand Name: yadata
Certification(s) : CE
1) Functions:
a) Measures parameters of 3I,3V,3U, PF, F, P, S, Wh, Qh
b) LED display, display four parameters at the same time
c) Choose one route current or voltage DC 4 - 20mA output
d) Operating simply, suitable for bad working surroundings, especially at lower (higher) temperature
2) Technology indexes:
a) Standards:GB/T13850-1998, IEC688:1992, DL/T721-2000, IEC61000-4
b) Accuracy:
i) U, I, power, power factor:<0.5%RD
ii) Active electric energy, reactive electric energy, phase voltage:<1.0%RD
iii) Frequency:<=1.0%R
c) Display units: V/kV/MV/, A/kA, W/kW/MW/GW, Hz, var/kvar/Mvar, VA/kVA/MVA/GVA, Wh/kWh/MWh/ varh/kvarh/Mvarh
d) Input range:
i) U: 5-120V/600V(max. 600V)
ii) I: 0-1A/5A(max. 6A)
e) Absorbing power consumption:
i) Voltage per route:<0.4VA(347V) /0.2VA (150V)
ii) Current per route:<0.1VA (5A)
f) Overload capability:
i) U:750V continuum/1,000V 10s/1,200V 3s
ii) I:2times rating continuum/10s rating 30s
g) Measuring system: connection mode: 3P4W/ 3P3W/1P2W,1P3W/3P3W, balance/3P4W balance, may set parameters by software through keyboard and serial port
h) Programmable setting: programmer mode (password)
i) Measuring system choice: 3P4W,3P3W, 1P2W,1P3W,3P3W balance,3P4W balance, and CT, PT variable ratio 1-10,000
j) Display content: form feed time/menu with options
k) Communication:
i) Baud ratio: 1,200/2,400/4,800/9,600/19, 200
ii) Parity bit: odd/even/no parity bit

m) Electric energy accumulating reposition: needs password
n) Communication serial port:
i) RS485 (standard) /RS232 (with options)
ii) Communication rules: MODBUS - RTU
o) Dielectric strength object:
i) Between input / output / power supply
ii) Testing method: AC 2kV 1 min leakage current 2mA
p) Surge: 1.2/50 - 8/205s surge power supply 4kV (1.2 x 505s) , I/O line 2kV
q) Quick transient pulse series:
i) Power supply: 4kV, 2.5kHz
ii) I/O line: 2kV, 5kHz
iii) Contact discharge: 6kV
iiii) Gas spacing discharge: 8kV
r) RF electronic magnetic field: 10V/m medium intensity electromagnetic radiation (like an interphone<1m)
s) Stability:
i) Temperature range: -10 - 500C
ii) Temperature influence: 100ppm0C
iii) Long-term stability: <0.2% per year
t) Working condition:
i) Temperature: -10 - 500C
ii) Humidity: 20 - 95% (no dew)
u) Storage condition:
i) Temperature: -25 - 750C
ii) Humidity: 20 - 95% (no dew)
v) Power supply:
i) Power supply voltage: AC 85 - 265V, 50/60Hz, DC 85 - 330V (standard) , AC 30 - 60V, 50 / 60Hz, DC 18 - 90V (may choose)
ii) Full power consumption: <4W
w) External dimensions:
i) External dimensions: 120 x 120 x 139mm
ii) Installation hole dimensions: 92 x 92mm