Sell Multifunction power meter -YD3000

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Model No: YD3000
Brand Name: yadata
Certification(s) : CE
1) Functions:
a) Measure parameters of 3I, 3V, 3U, PF, F, P, S, 1Σ Wh and 1Σ Qh
b) LED display, display ten parameters at the same time
c) Choose one route current or voltage DC 4 - 20mA output
d) Operating simply, suitable for bad working surroundings, especially at lower (higher) temperature
2) Technology indexes:
a) Standards: GB/T13850-1998, IEC688:1992, DL/T721-2000, IEC61000-4
b) Accuracy:
i) U, I, power, power factor: <0.5%RD
ii) Active electric energy, reactive electric energy, phase voltage: <1.0%RD
iii) Frequency: <=1.0%RD
c) Display units: V/kV/MV/, A/kA, W/kW/MW/GW, Hz, var/kvar/Mvar, A/kVA/MVA/GVA, Wh/kWh/MWh/varh/kvarh/Mvarh
d) Input range:
i) U: 5 - 120V/600V (max. 600V)
ii) I: 0 - 1A/5A (max. 6A)
e) Absorbing power consumption:
i) Voltage per route: <0.4VA (347V) / 0.2VA (150V)
ii) Current per route: <0.1VA (5A)
f) Overload capability:
i) U: 750V continuum / 1,000V 10s / 1,200V 3s
ii) I: 2 times rating continuum / 10s rating 30s
g) Measuring system: connection mode: 3P4W/3P3W/1P2W, 1P3W/3P3W, balance/3P4W balance, may set parameters by software through keyboard and serial port
h) Programmable setting: programmer mode (password)
i) Measuring system choice: 3P4W, 3P3W, 1P2W, 1P3W, 3P3W balance,3P4W balance, and CT, PT variable ratio 1 - 10,000
j) Display content: form feed time / menu with options
k) Communication:
i) Baud ratio: 1,200/2,400/4,800/9,600/19,200
ii) Parity bit: odd/even/no parity bit

m) Electric energy accumulating reposition: needs password
n) Communication serial port:
i) RS485 (standard) / RS232 (with options)
ii) Communication rules: MODBUS - RTU
o) Dielectric strength object:
i) Between input/output/power supply
ii) Testing method: AC 2kV 1 min leakage current 2mA
p) Surge: 1.2/50-8/205s surge power supply 4kV (1.2W505s) , I/O line 2kV
q) Quick transient pulse series:
i) Power supply: 4kV, 2.5 kHz
ii) I/O line: 2kV, 5 kHz
iii) Contact discharge: 6kV
iiii) Gas spacing discharge: 8kV
r) RF electronic magnetic field: 10V/m medium intensity electromagnetic radiation
(like an interphone less than 1m)
s) Stability:
i) Temperature range: -10 - 500C
ii) Temperature influence: 100ppm0C
iii) Long-term stability: <0.2% per year
t) Working condition:
i) Temperature: -10 - 500C
ii) Humidity: 20 - 95% (no dew)
u) Storage condition:
i) Temperature: -25 - 750C
ii) Humidity: 20 - 95% (no dew)
v) Power supply:
i) Power supply voltage: AC 85 - 265V, 50/60Hz, DC 85 - 330V (standard) ,
AC 30 - 60V, 50/60Hz, DC 18 - 90V (may choose)
ii) Full power consumption: <4W
w) External dimensions:
i) External dimensions: 201 x 140 x 115mm
ii) Installation hole size: 176 x 126mm