Sell Multifunctional Anesthesia(COT-073)

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Main specification:

*Working condition
Power:AC 220V110%;50Hz12%
Intake power rate:30W
Gas source:O2, N2O
rated working pressure:0.410.1MPa
*Flowmeter adjust range
O2:0.1~10L/min; N2O:0.1~10L/min
*Flush oxygen:>35L/min, <75L/min
*Enflurane(Isoflurane) Vaporizer:concentration:0~5Vol%
*Ventilator parameter
Tidal volume adjust range:0.1~1.00L
Frequency adjust range:10~30BPm
I:E ratro:1:1.5,1:2,1:3
Airway peak pressure:1~6KPa
Tidal volume:no tidal volume after 6 second, audible and visible alarm
*Airway peak pressure:
Up limited setting range:2~6KPa
Down limited setting:0.4KPa
When the airway peak pressure displaying & #118alue is over the limited setting & #118alue or less than 0.4KPa, the visible and audible alarm and brightly in screen.
*The safety alarm for lacking of oxygen
When O2 pressure is less than 0.2MPa, the audible and visible alarm. If the time is going on for 7 seconds. N2O is cut off