Sell Multifunctional massage bal

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Product introduction:

Multifunctional massage ball successfully integrates the theory of traditional Chinese medicine and point massage and adopts physical therapy, heat therapy and magnetic therapy to expand the capillary and stimulate every point on the body. It can achieve effects of massage and health care such as smooth channels and collaterals, improve blood circulation, cure diseases and prolong life.

Product characteristics :
* Relieve fatigue, alleviate pains and improve sleeping quality.
* Improve metabolism and blood circulation, dissolve fats and remove deposits in blood.
* Assist to cure various chronic diseases, such as: arthritis, rheumatism, nerval pain, strain of lumbar muscles, hemiplegia, prolapse of lumbar intervertebral disc and anaesthesia etc.
* Activate cellular vigor, improve immunity and promote memory.
* Improve and beautify skin, remove slack abdomen after parturition and beer abdomen, lift hip, enlarge breast, dispel facial wrinkles and eye bag and improve eyesight.
* It has prominent effects to enhance sexual function and improve irregular menstruation, dysmenorrheal, impotence and sexual dysfunction etc.