Sell Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors(MLCC-General Capacitors)

Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors(MLCC-General Capacitors) You May Also Be Interested In: ceramic capacitors mlcc multilayer capacitors multilayer ceramic capacitors tape reel
General Features:
- Miniature Size
- Wide Capacitance, Temperature Compensation and Voltage Range
- Highly Reliable Performance
- Industry Standard Size
- Tape & Reel for Surface Mount Assembly

- HHP, DSC, DVC, PC, LCD, TV, Car Navigation, Memory module, PDA, GAME MACHINE

Temperature Characteristics:
C0G, X5R, X7R, Y5V, P2H,
R2H, S2H, T2H, U2J, S2L
EIA Case Size:0402 to 2220
Capacitance:0.5 pF to 1 uF
Rated Voltage:Vdc : 6.3 to 50 V
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