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Highly concentrated powder, black color, 100% from substance of rich humus as raw material after a series of biochemical fermented reactions and chelated with organic trace elements actively. A by-product of plant photosynthesis, the strongest chelating agent known, can enter into all life processes within plants and animals, act as free radical scavengers, supply vital electrolytes, enhance and transport nutrients, catalyze enzyme reactions, increase assimilation, chelate macro and trace minerals, and enhance electrochemical balance, stimulate the microcosmic biological activity throughout the season without causing foliar burn.

Humic acid content 60%, Fulvic Acid content 25%, Ca/Mn/Zn/Cu 5%

Recommended application
Foliar spray: 1:2000 dilute with water, spray uniformly on both the front and back of the leaf blade thoroughly wet, dosage 2kg/ha per time, the best time for application is in the early morning or evening, can use after mixed with neutral or acid pesticides.
Solanaceous vegetables: 3-4 times at seedling, flowering and fruit set stage, once every 10 -15 days based on different flowering and fruit set stage.
Leaf vegetables: 2-3 times at seedling and vigorous growth stage or early setting, once every 10 -15 days.
Wheat crops: 2-3 times at tillering, jointing and full spike stage.
Flower culture: once every 20 days or so.
Lawns: once every 20 days or so after turfing.
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