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1) Pure natural Neem Oil from the seed of neem tree.
2) Pure natural Fulvic Acid from humus.
3) Pure natural accessory ingredient as active agent.
Neem oil 700ppm Min, Humic acid 500ppm Min, Fulvic acid 300ppm Min, Potassium Oxide: 100ppm Min
1) Inhibit and prevent pest to feed, mainly including all Lepidoptera, red spider, aphid, smaller green leafhopper, common thrips, grasshopper, plant louse.
2) Enhance photosynthesis, stimulate growth, improve quality, increase harvest 10-15%.
1) Multi-functional, natural enviornmentally safe.
2) Highly specialized only efficient to special pests, not harmful to beneficial insects, microorganism in soil, animal and human.
3) Longer efficiency, easier absorption and metabolism, protect new born part.
1) Light yellow concentrated latex, 3L / Ha per time recommended, dilution 300 times for foliar spray.
2) First time can be from when the first leaf see the sun.
3) Spray on front surface of leaves for monocotyledons plants, back surface for dicotyledonous plants.
1) Read the entire label before using this product. .
2) If appear paroxysmal and destructive insect damage during application, please promptly add some other suitable acidity pesticide.
3) Not suitable to mix alkalinity pesticide together.
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