Sell Multiple-Function machine For Quick-easy Packing sanitary napkin

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Performances and features:
1. Independent packing with three folding:
blank piece-> combine wings with paper -> change direction 90 degrees ->transmit forward in equidistance ->wrap in three folding with sanitary napkin tape packing film ->sealed with easily-torn tape -> seal and cut in small package ->form individually-packed finished products-> output in line.
2. SAP resin is added to the cotton core and the napkins are of better water absorption and more security.
3. The equipment can produce napkins of three-pieces type, leaking proof, ultra-thin (as thin as silk) and medicinal type and regular type. During the producing process, it is not necessary to replace any part of equipment.
4. Each part of the equipment is mounted with differential device for phase correction during operation.
5. Driving system consists of synchronous belt (Opt belt, made in Germany) and round arc gear combined with gear case; The key parts adopt NSK bearing (made in Japan) for smooth transmission, prolonging the lifetime of the machine. The adoption of turning gear wheel changes the direction 90 degrees, making the production speedy, simple and credible.
6. After revolving the direction, the products are corrected and conveyed in equidistance. The packing of product is trim.
7. The key parts of equipment are driven by cylinder and separate automatically when the machine stops. The rate of the products which are up to standard is guaranteed.
Main technical parameters:
1. Type:JWC-KBD
2. Overall dimensions:(19*2.7*3) m(L*W*H)
3. Working space:(21*4*4) m(L*W*H)
4. Total weight:15.5T
5. Power supply:380v50HZ
6. Installation capacity:52.5KW
7. Air consumption:1000 Liter/min,
Air: pressure:(6-8) Bars.
8. Designing output:250pieces/min
9. Economic output:(140-200) pieces/min
10. Product specification:(225-340) mm
Optional Device:
1. Non-stop automatic and half-automatic material inception devices and tension control devices.
2. PLC which can help draw up working procedure.
3. Automatic position-limit adjusting device, which can inspect quality, do calculation and reject wasters by using photoelectrical cells.
4. Touchable screen with which you can
communicate with the machine.
Brand Name
ISO9001 CE
Condition of Goods
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Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
Power Requirements
52.5 KW
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Warranty Coverage
15.5 T