Sell Multipurpose AC Sampling Transmitter Checking Equipment

Multipurpose AC Sampling Transmitter Checking Equipment You May Also Be Interested In: embedded system integrated amplifier
DK-34B1 MACSTCE is synthesized of modern test, DDS waveform synthesizer, DSP, CPLD, Large Scale Integrated Amplifier, Embedded System technique. The equipment is performance for verification and checking of AC sampling, transmitter, indicating instrument.
(1.1) . Voltage, current, power, phase, frequency, harmonic are enclosed superior close loop for output, easy to use and easy to schlep.
(1.2) . Fixed digital rotated coder;
(1.3) . Output voltage, output current and output power are highly accurate, highly stable standard source. They are all checked by software.
(1.4) . The equipment is easy to check and manage the AC sampling equipment and transmitter.
(1.5) . Be able to communicate between different serial protocol (example: CDT, Polling) , and be compatible with network communication protocols (example 103protocol) . Have hardware and software interface, all the protocols are opened to our customer to easy operate the equipment.
(1.6) . Front panel is standard source output and the rear panel is external standard input.
(1.7) . Output standard harmonic 2-31 times, be able to single or multiple stacking, moreover be able to display real harmonic and base waveform.
(1.8) . Be able to move phase between each factor of three phase voltage, three phase current, every phase voltage and every phase current. So be able to simulate various electric failures.
(1.9) . Fixed multi-warning, protect functions and troubling self-checking. Be able to display troubling style and position.