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Multipurpose Digital Radiographic System

In comparison with digital radiographic apparatus based on standard flat panels, image plates and other types of digital imaging detectors, the digital radiographic scanning system UNISCAN provides a considerable number of clear advantages for performing speedy diagnostics of patients.

UNISCAN is intended for obtaining standard size highquality xray images of the patient's bone structures and soft tissues in the standing, sitting and lying positions.

UNISCAN Standard generates 43 cm x 43 cm digital images with 2304 pixels x 2304 pixels standard format. Delivering high quality radiographic images in just seconds, ADANI slotscan imaging technology improves productivity and significantly lower the cost of general radiography in comparison to conventional or computed radiography.

The main features and benefits

* Low dose. The overriding advantage of digital scanning technology is that digital images offer consistently excellent image quality at a lower dose.
* Cost reduction expenses. No film costs as well as improving workflow and increasing throughput can have a dramatic impact on expenses. Reliable and sturdy design reduces maintenance expenditures.
* Compactness. ADANI offers compact system with excellent features. You can even create a standard radiography room in small rooms, where a ceiling construction is going to fit.
* Speed and safety. The UNUSCAN system gives both operators and patients fast and effective solution with a maximum level of performance.
* Sophisticated image processing technology. ADANI have developed a solution that allows all diagnostically relevant information in one single image, giving you more confidence in diagnosing. Manual procedures, like applying wedge filters, multiple processing to display all requested areas of the image or adjusting contrast and brightness, become obsolete.
* Digital integration saves time. The automated digital workflow allows for the timesaving handling of patient and administrative data via RIS and PACS integration. Also shortened image acquisition times and faster image distribution increase department efficiency. Shorter waiting times for the patients increase customer satisfaction. This enables operators to spend the saved time with the patients.


* Radiology departments of outpatient clinics
* Diagnostic imaging centers
* Emergency Departments/ Emergency Rooms
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