Sell Muti-Functional High-Frequency Jet Ventilator (TKR-400(T) )

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TKR-400T computerized multi-function high-frequency ventilator is one best sales quantity ventilator for its high-frequency ventilation and synchronous ventilation in our company.

a, HFJV(High-frequency jet ventilation) through the pressure, which can supply the higher inspiration pressure so that the patients can inspire sufficient oxygen with a wet finger.
b, Opening airway. The ventilation can be made with high frequency and little tidal volume and low airway pressure, which is good to increase the blood oxygen density.
c, Ventilation mode through nasal vestibule without effect which avoid tracheotomy and endotracheal tube so as to decrease patient's pain and the effectiveness of oxygen feeding is very good, The patient can talk, drink and eat, when ventilating.
d, Continuous positive airway pressure with of adjustable oxygen density adding effective humidifier can show the feature of CPAP better.
e, The numeric display window can display parameter value accurately so that its performance and precision will be improved largely.
f, The multi-functional humidifier adaptor can be connected with any type of humidifier by trachea intubation of national or international standard.
g, The pressure humidifier has knob to manipulate the air volume and has the delicacy alarm with sound and light for no power or gas .

 Power supply: AC220V+22V 50HZ+1HZ Output power: <=35VA
 Frequency:10~150 breaths/min
 I/E ratio:1:1~1:4 and inverse ratio
 Driving Pressure:0~0.15MPa
 Relative humidity: <= 80% Temperature: 5-400
 Process Ventilation: T=10min
Pro I:f(150) :f(35) =7:3
Pro II:f(35) :f(150) =7:3
 SIGH: 3,6,9 breath/min
 Alarm: Alarm with light and sound for no power and gas, lasting 6 seconds if no oxygen
 CPAP: not less than 1.0KPa
 PEEP: not less than 0.5KPa
 Oxygen Concentration Adjustable:40%~90% displayable
 Jetting volume range: 0~1400ml/time
 Pressure Regulator Limit:0.30MPa
Ventilation Mode: HFJV (High Frequency Jet Ventilation) , CPAP (Continuous positive airway pressure) , Pro I and Pro II ventilation; HFJV+SIGH ventilation; HFJV+PEEP ventilation and so on.