Sell Muti-Functional Ventilator (TPR-4000)

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TPR-4000 computerized multi-functional synchronous ventilator is one new full-functional device of TPR synchronous ventilators developed by our company with high capability and reliability and many tutelary parameters.
TPR-4000 adopts the technique of servo air value of overseas advanced respiratory equipment to ensure the sensitive expiratory switching and low resistance so that the mechanical dead-cavity can be reduced when ventilating and its ventilation range is so big to meet the need of children and adults. Its design satisfied clinical respiratory requirements of comprehensive ventilation mode, which is benefit for selective treatment for all kinds of complicated respiratory diseases and is effective guarantee for clinical subtle respiratory treatment, management and first-aid resuscitation, the device is the necessary equipment for polyclinic.

a . Ventilation mode: Controlled volume and synchronous touching sensitivity.
b . Eight ventilation modes for controlled volume ventilation.
c Perfect computerized monitor for ventilating parameters and display for presetting number.
d . Comprehensive set and display of alarm value.
e. Adjustment system for respiratory gas and oxygen concentration and humidifier with constant-temperature inspiration gas and chronograph.
f . The sensors are made in America , German and Japanese with good quality and high reliability.
g . Comprehensive clinical ventilation function and intuitionistic operation;
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