Sell Mutil-Pieces Wet Tissue Folding Machine

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1 This machine is the ideal equipment for folding and processing in napkin paper, N. W. fabric and air laid paper. 2 The main production process for this machine: Jumbo roll uunwinding--pressing and conveying--rectificating(according to the customer's choice) --vertical folding--ppaper conveying--folding horizontally--slitting--damping--water compressing. 3 This machine is with auto-counting device, and the number of the paper can be designed by customer. 4 This machine also can be equipped with the rectifier as per customer's demand, with auto-wetting recycle device.
Function & Character

Main Technical Parameter

1 Production specification:(200X200) According to the measure and type of the machine 2 Jumbo roll specification: Thickness 13-80g/m2, below 30g/m2 in double-ply, over 30g/m2 in single-ply, diameter<=1200mm (air laid paper, N. W. fabric will do) 3 Production speed:500-600pcs/min (speed differs for different type) 4 Machine power:3-3.7kw(380V 50HZ)