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1. Plant source: Chinese Waxmyrtle Brak Extract.

2. Product information

1) Product name: Myricitrin

2) Chemical name: Myricetin-3-rhamnoside; 5,7-Dihydroxy-3-((2S,3R,4R,5R,6S) -3,4,5-trihydroxy-6-methyl-tetrahydro-pyran-2-yloxy) -2-(3,4,5-trihydroxy-phenyl) -1-benzopyran-4-one.

3) Molecular Formula: C21H20O12

4) Molecular Weight: 464.38

5) CAS No. : 17912-87-7
7) Spec: 98% (HPLC)

8) Appearance: Light yellow to off-white crystalline powder.

9) Pharmacological effects: Eliminate free radical, Antioxidation.

It has pharmacological action of anti-thrombus, anti-tumor, cardiac-cerebral vessels protection, dephlogisticate and antibiosis, relief alcoholic poisoning, liver protection etc.