Sell N, N'-Di-Sec-Butyl-4-Phenylenediamine

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N, N'-Di-Sec-Butyl-4-Phenylenediamine

Appearance : Red to brown liquid
Purity : 95.00% min
Melting Point : 15.0 Deg C
Flash Point : 146.0 Deg X
Specific Gravity : 0.94
Ash : 0.3% max

It is a kind of amine antioxidant with excellent performance, it can be used as additive, especially for high alkene content gasoline, it can avoid the occurring of gelatin by prevent alkene from oxidating, which can ensure there will no collect carbon in the firebox, piston top, cylinder lid. Comparing with other amine antioxidants, this product has such advantages as low dosage, good antioxiding performance and it can enormously reduce pollutions to environment.

We also are supplying p-tert-Butyl phenol

p-tert-Butyl phenol
CAS No. :98-54-4
Apperance: white crystal
Purity: 99.0% min