Sell N, N-Dimethyl acrylamide

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It is a chemical raw material and it is widely used in the aspect of oil recovery polymer, adhesive, inks, paints , coatings, plastic, flocculant, contact lens, fiber amelioration,
Cosmetics, Photographs Materials, Papermaking, Textile, personal care polymers and so on.
NNDMA can be used in various fields, reflecting physical properties of monomers and polymers mentioned previously. Listed below are some of its applications in patents and literatures.
1 Fiber Amelioration
There are many application examples in patents where NNDMA is used to improve properties of synthetic and semi-synthetic fibers in their dying, hygroscopicity and antistaticity. For example, it is usd to improve the properties of acrylic fiber by copolymerizing NNDMA with acrylonitrile, by blending polyacrylonitrile and poly-NNDMA, by polymerzing NNDMA in polyacrylinotrile solution. It is also used to improve properties of other fibers such as polyolefine, polyvinyl chloride, polyester, polyamide, and acetate.
4.2 Plastic Amelioration
Resins of excellent tensile strength, impact strength, printing, dying, and antistatic properties are synthesized by copolymerzing NNDMA with various polyolefins.
Methods are studied to improve adhesiveness of polyolefins, by blending , coextruding, and graft polymerizing polymers containing NNDMA to polyolefins. In several other cases, NNDMA is used to copolymerize with vinyl chloride to produce water-proof films with high air permeability, blend it to modify vinyl chloride paste, graft it to polyvinyl chloride in order to add hydrophilicity, and for improving fluid characteristic in unsaturated polyester for composite ingredients.
4.3 Treater for fibers and papers
Another examples of NNDMA usage are: to modify polyvinyl alcohol for fiber and paper treater, by curing NNDMA after coating or impregnating it to fibers, anti-staticity is given to polyester and polyamide resins, and to improve qualities of acetate woven clothes.
4.4 Adhesive/Coating agents
NNDMAs chemical property is valid in providing and improving adhesiveness. For instance, NNDMA can be used as hot melt adhesives for adherance of broad areas . It is also used as adhesive coating for coextruded biaxially oriented polypropylene, as a comonomer for polysiloxane to improve the surface hardness of polycarbonate, and as a pressure sensitive adhesive layer component in EB curing.
4.5 Contact lens
Cross linked polymers containing NNDMA form hydrophilic gel, NNDMA is a beneficial polymer constituent for contact lens, and various usage examples have been repoted.
4.6 Photographs/Printing Materials
NNDMA is used to improve properties of gelatin for photographs or as a substitute gelatin, as a chemical agent for preventing bronze anti-static electricity agent, as a dye diffusing substance for color film, and as a component of developing agents. There are also examples of NNDMA used as ingredients to from hydrophilic layer on electric discharge type offset printing board, used as a content of micro-capsule for pressure sensitive copy papers and sensitive adhesive layer on color printing papers, to improve properties of electro-photography toners, and as a chemical substance of light sensitive resin.

4.7 Cosmetice/Pharmaceuticals/Medical Raw Materials
NNDMA polymer is used as skin protecting agent from ultra violet rays, and as coating agent for medicines. In the medical fields, NNDMA is also used as bio-conforming ingredient to living organism.
4.8 Chromatography Carrier/Adsorbent
NNDMA is applied to chromatrography carrier, taking advantage of its affinity property to other chemical substances, and as protein adsorbent.
4.9 Supporter for polypeptide and Oligonucleotide Syntheses
Many research studies have been made to apply NNDMA as supporting element in the syntheses such as polypeptide and oligonucleotide. NNDMAs excellent affinity character to living organisms make it applicable to such usage.
4.10 Flocculant/Oil Recovery Polymer
NNDMA is used as monomer for polymer flocculant ameliorator. Also, its reduced polymer is effective as cation type flocculant. Furthermore, research works are recently being made and taking notices that NNDMA is practical as tertially oil recovery, when copolymerizaed with acrylamide
4.11 Reactive Diluent for UV Cured Resin
NNDMA has an outstanding property in compatible solubility with various monomers and polymers. So its developing application is expected in reactive diluent of UV cured resin.
4.12 Cross Linking Agent
According to Needless et al. , cross linking occurs under the existence of peroxy bisulfate salt in diluted aqueous solution of NNDMA/ acrylamide copolymer, due to dehydrogenation from N-substituted methyl radical.
Cross linked protection layer (NNDMA) to membrane active layer (polyamide) prevented the deterioration of membrane activity.
4.13 Reinforcer for Phenol Resin
Research report a complex in an aqueous solution of polyacrylic acid and poly NNDMA.