Sell N-Ethylpyrrolidone

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Chemical Name: N-Ethylpyrrolidone
Synonyms: 1-Ethyl-2-pyrrolidone, NEP
CAS NO. : 2687-91-4
Molecular formula: C6H11NO
Molecular weight: 104.13
Chemical Structure:

NEP is clear and colorless liquid with high polar and stability. Density@250: 0.994 g/ml, Boiling Point:82-830, refractive index: 1.4665. It has good solubility, low vapor pressure and low electronic parameter. It can be used as high effective selected solvent, catalyst and cationic surfactant.

Appearance Colorless transparent liquid
Purity, % 99.8 min.
Moisture, % 0.1 max.
Refractive index, n20D 1.4660-1.4670
γ -Butyrolactone, % 0.1 max.
Density, g/cm3 0.990-0.999

Mainly used in refined oil, pharmaceuticals, dyestuffs, pesticide and coatings.

Packing: 200kgs plastic drum.

Storage and transport:
Store in cool, dry and ventilated place, far away from fire and heat sources. Transport against non-dangerous chemicals, and prevent packages from leakages and damages during transport.