Sell N-Methyl-2-Pyrrolidone(NMP)

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Product name: N-Methyl-2-Pyrrolidone(NMP)
CAS No: 872-50-4
Purity: min 99. 8% OR 99. 5%
Description: Colorless and clear liquid
Chemical Formular: C5H9NO
Molecular weight: 99. 13
Density (g/ml) :1.020-1.040
Refractive index n20D:1.4680-1.4695
Package: Galvanized drum of 200Kgs net weight

NMP which is a polar non proton transfer solvent possesses little toxicity, high boiling point, powerful solvency, good selectivity and stability properties. The product is widely applied to aromatic hydrocarbons extracting, acetylene, and diolefine purification. It can be also used as polymer solvents and polymerization process medium, such as polyamides, polyimides and polyphenyl thioether(PPS) , etc. which are called engineering plastics. Besides these, it can be used as aromatic fibre, insulate pesticide, pigment and detergent, etc.

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