Sell N-methyl-2-pyrrolidone (NMP)

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It is superior quality solvent, widely used in petrochemical, pesticide, pharmaceuticals, electrolic materials, etc. Such as acetylene concentration, syn gas desulphurization, lubricant refining and antifreezes, olefins extractant, solvent of unsolvable engineering plastic, herbicide, insulator, integrated circuit making, recovery of PVC trail gas, purification agent, dye additive, disperasnt, etc. .
Physical properties:
Molecular formula:C5H9NO
Molecular weight:99.134
Structural formula:
Properties: colorless transparent liquid , Boiling point 2040C, Flash point 910C

Specifications Superior grade:

Index Super grade Top grade
Purity(Wt%) >=99.8 >=99.5
Moisture(Wt%) <=0.05 <=0.1
Density p20g/ml 1.032-1.035 1.032-1.035
Colority HaZen <=10 <=25
Refractive index N 20

1.466-1.472 1.466-1.472

Safety properties:The product is feeble toxic, allowable limit concentration in air is 100 ppm.
Package & storage: Standard iron barrel, Net weight:200kg10.05. The product should be sealed and stored in shelter for moistureproof, fireproof, handling gently avoiding leakage. .
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